Song of the Week 11

And the song of the week this week is…….. Janglin’ once again!!!!! No, only kidding 🙂 But once again it was the most asked about song of the night – this time in Zaragoza at our monthly Viva el VierneSwing night. One of the good things at VIva La Vida is that there’s no mobile phone coverage and therefore no Shazam or similar apps – dancers have to actually ask about songs, which is great because along with seeing the movement on the dancefloor it gives us more info about what to keep and what to get rid of.

The song this week is actually more of an artist – The Bryan Ferry Orchestra and their album The Jazz Age, where Bryan Ferry returns to his early passion of New Orleans Jazz.  The first song that I heard from this album was Reason or Rhyme, so I guess that goes down as song of the week, but listening to the full album is equally rewarding.  I was at a weekly Balboa night and at the end of the night it was played and it felt such a smooth song that I went to ask the DJ (Mr Lluis Lindyvill) for the name and artist.  (NOTE: asking questions is a much nicer way to show appreciation for a DJ than waving a mobile in the air. The same in class situations 😉 )

As well as the link above, here´s another from BBC radio 4 with an interview and some more background information:

Following the release of ‘The Jazz Age’ Bryan Ferry and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra provided the jazz recordings for the soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ as well.