Song(s) of the Term in Zaragoza

Not so much song of the week , but songs of the term from Zaragoza….

Well, well, well…. As always the end of term has been lots of tying up loose ends and laying the foundations for what we’re aiming for after the summer in our semi regular swing-dance classes in Zaragoza.

During this term´s courses of Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues and Jazz Steps we’ve had lots of questions about the music we use in class (and especially at parties such as our monthly Viva El VierneSwing at Viva La Vida!!!) and so we’ve made a small selection of a few of our favourite tracks that we have used during the term (and to make up for not publishing for a month!)

Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, Jazz Steps and Rock&Roll

(in no particular order! – T’aint what you do, it’s THE WAY that you do it…)

C Jam Blues – Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra


Man From Mars by Artie Shaw, a man who started out on the clarinet when he was 16 (after 3 years on the saxophone).  He was one of the greats for keeping dancers on their toes (while staying dancing on the balls of their feet!!!) with lots of unpredictable changes in the music during a song.  We used Man from Mars in Balboa classes as it comes in at around 224 bpm and is a lovely song to dance to, improvise and play around with.

Now that we’ve finally got into June and the sun is shining for these lazy early summer days…Summertime by The Preservation Hall Jazz Band (Although if the truth be told… it was a song that we used during a snowstorm in Pamplona earlier on in the year….)

Heavenly Thing – Carsie Blanton (We used this track in the Jazz Steps classes for a choreography that we created especially for the group. There are some nice moments to play with in the melody and breaks to mark out)

Umbrella – The Baseballs (cheesy but good fun rock ad roll tune to mess around with growing energy in the rhythms as you get to the chorus!)

Now, we don’t want to spoil you, so we’ll leave it there for the time being.. and hopefully not leave it so long till next time!!!