Song of the Week 7

Christmas (and New Year) Special: Part 4

“Ok, ok ” you’ll be shouting at us.. “you just put up a Carsie Blanton song a few weeks ago…”

And you know what? You’d be right.

You also know what? We don’t care, because this is a lovely slice of Christmassy warmth that’s great for this time of year. So, snuggle up nice and warm and take a listen…

There are lots of versions of this song (the original is from Neptune’s Daughter, 1949) flying around the webasphere to watch out for (and some to give a very wide berth…) but Carsie’s cover with Chris Norton (and some lovely upright bass from Joe Plowman) has just the right amount of what you need at this time of year.

It also reminds us that we’re off to Zaragoza tomorrow, where it will be suitably cold to be able to play this song over and over….