Song of the Week 16

It’s not often that you can fall in love with a song again.  In fact, it’s difficult (but not impossible!) to fall out of love with a song, but sometimes songs can slowly disappear down a playlist as new found gems take their place higher up and they slowly find themselves under a layer of dust…  Luckily this last weekend a song came right back to hit us between the eyes with its bouncy smooth playability.

We were (for once!) in Barcelona for the weekend and we took advantage of this by going to Davis and Claudia‘s Lindy Hop Workshop at and the DioClub on Sunday for some Balboa and Lindy Hop social dancing.

We really enjoyed our class with Davis and Claudia – the time flew by and it was great to have teachers who showed socially leadable moves at an advanced level and also worked on connection with the partner.

The key song from the weekend workshop with Davis and Claudia was Splanky, from the Count Basie classic album “Atomic Basie“, written by Neal Hefti (who also, rather surprisingly, composed the music for the Batman TV series of the 60s!)  The album was recorded on 21st and 22nd October 1957 and released in 1958.  It really is a swinging album and this may surprise many who think that the “Swing Era” is only condensed into the 30s and 40s, but the album can genuinely be described as a classic and, possibly, Basie’s best.  Big bands certainly didn’t die at the end of the 30’s… they just made more select recordings 😉

Splanky is everything that you need from a song to dance to: highs, lows, breaks and more rhythms than you can shake a stick at! Hefti managed to bring the best out of every section and musician of the band in his arrangements. Of the following album, Count Basie says “ All the tunes were very musical. That’s the way Neal’s things were, and those guys in that band always had something to put with whatever you laid in front of them”

So, ladies and gentlemen, we give you Splanky, a song to fall in love with (again)  <3