Song of the Week 8

OK…. Let’s be honest…. the first time I saw this song’s title I thought it was “Santa..” so, yeah! What a great song for the post Christmas period, right? I suppose I was still in the festive spirit at the time!

Anyway, it’s still a great song and it still features a rather large red man, it’s just that he’s not in a suit anymore!

“Satan Takes a Holiday” (Larry Clinton, 1937) is an extremely bouncy song that gives a great smiley feeling to a dance and has some lovely moments for stretching.  This version is by Tommy Dorsey, bandleader, trombonist and trumpeter and was a number one hit in 1937!

Maybe it would be a better Halloween Song of the Week, but I think we all need a holiday at sometime of the year…. Santa can have a holiday at Halloween and Satan for the rest of the year!