Song of the Week 12

This week’s song of the week is for birthday girl Eunice Waymon (21st Feb. 1933- 21st April 2003), more commonly known as Nina Simone, the subject of documentary “What Happened, Miss Simone?” at this year’s Sundance.

“Sometimes I sound like gravel and sometimes I sound like coffee and cream” gives a wonderful description of the voice of this High Priestess of Soul.

Yesterday we gave a Blues Workshop at Ball A La Carta, La Garriga and didn’t hesitate in using songs by Nina Simone.  Her voice transmits such a feeling that our students had no trouble interpreting their emotion through Blues dancing to songs that we used such as “I Put A Spell On You” or “Backlash Blues“.

Here there are several live songs recorded without an audience in 1961-62, including “I Loves You, Porgy”.

It’s difficult (if not impossible!) to just choose one song for this week by Nina Simone, but we’ve decided to try to describe our emotions in a song after such a great class in La Garriga… “Feeling Good